Young Americans for Liberty Facebook Page Surpasses One Million Followers

With thousands of student activists, hundreds of pro-liberty legislators on its side, YAL emerges as one of the most powerful organizations in America
Published: Nov. 30, 2021 at 1:31 PM PST

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)—the nation's most active youth libertarian organization—announced that its Facebook page has surpassed one million followers, marking a major milestone in YAL's history. With more than one million Facebook followers and over 100,000 Twitter followers, YAL is one of the most powerful right-of-center organizations in America, influencing both policy and public opinion to advance the cause of liberty.

(PRNewsfoto/Young Americans for Liberty)
(PRNewsfoto/Young Americans for Liberty)

Part of the reason for YAL's success on social media is its pro-liberty activism on college campuses. The organization represents over 5,000 student activists at more than 500 colleges and universities across the country, pushing back against the Left's radical agenda and promoting libertarian ideas—from protecting free speech and the right to self-defense to opposing draconian COVID-19 policies. Since the pandemic began, the organization has fought mask and vaccine mandates on 23 college campuses, most notably Rutgers University, Virginia Tech University, and the University of Colorado Boulder.

YAL has also established a national reputation for its impact on state-level policymaking. The organization's Hazlitt Coalition—a growing network of more than 170 pro-liberty legislators from nearly 40 states—has impacted 88 million Americans with a wide range of pro-liberty reforms. For example, the Hazlitt Coalition helped enact a Constitutional Carry law in Texas allowing citizens to carry firearms openly or concealed without a license or permit. YAL-backed legislators were also instrumental in passing civil asset forfeiture repeal in Maine and school choice expansion in West Virginia.

"This weekend, Young Americans for Liberty surpassed one million followers on Facebook," said YAL CEO Lauren Daugherty. "The number of Americans we're reaching climbs every day, and I'm so proud of our team's success. This, plus making 88 million Americans more free in 2021 through our pro-liberty legislation, shows that we are truly making liberty win for people all across the country. Stay tuned for even more wins in 2022!"

You can follow YAL on Twitter @YALiberty.

Young Americans for Liberty is the nation's most active youth libertarian organization. YAL represents over 5,000 student activists at more than 500 colleges and universities across the country. The organization's Hazlitt Coalition, dedicated to advancing the cause of liberty at the state level, features over 170 pro-liberty legislators from 40 states.

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