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Marshall Carrasco and his team at Marshall Realty present their clients with a top notch marketing approach, bringing value by giving their clients options for buying and selling their home and reaching back into their local community through the Marshall Realty Giveback program which sponsors everything from stand out students and teachers, to pet adoptions, to food drives and everything in between. Marshall Carrasco has been climbing the real estate ladder for fifteen years now and was recently named on the Top 250 Latino Agents coming in at number 5! In the past four years, Marshall Carrasco has help one of the top 5 positions and continues to make his mark in the real estate industry by consistently changing the game of real estate. Marshall Carrasco and his team at Marshall Realty close an average of 400 deals per year and were also recently named the number one Real Estate team in Nevada by Real Trends and The Wall Street Journal!

Find out all about the Marshall Realty Massive Marketing approach to see why Marshall Realty can make the difference in your home sale! As always, Marshall Realty will never make you sign a contract; leaving the control in your hands.

Marshall Carrasco focuses of getting your home sold in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Washoe County, Fernley, Dayton and many other Northern Nevada locations!

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Should I sell now or wait?

This is a question that we get all the time… why should I sell now while the price of renting is so high. While we would love to say that the answer is simple, it is not. Things that you should consider when you are thinking about selling are:

  1. What condition is your home in?
    a. It doesn’t matter what condition your house is in, at Marshall Realty we will still get you top dollar in today’s market. While great houses are still getting top notch dollars we all have that project that would make the home so much more appealing to potential buyers but we don’t have the time, energy or desire to actually make the change. Well you’re in luck, buyers are buying no matter what condition homes are in, sometimes with cash offers. No longer does your home need to be completely updated with all the fancy new gadgets. While they are great and can add to the value of your home, they are no longer needed to get top dollar.
  2. Why now?
    a. It’s the best the market any of us at Marshall Realty has seen in the history of Nevada. If you want to capitalize on the market, and protect your equity, this might be the time for you.
  3. Should I wait to sell my home?
    a. If this is your primary home and you have the capacity to wait out the next cycle, then we at Marshall Realty would absolutely recommend that you wait. If you have a ton of equity in your home and you are losing sleep over your home, you should sell now while you’re at the very top of the market.
  4. If I sell my home, will I be homeless?
    a. In the Northern Nevada real estate market, this is the toughest question on a daily basis. Our top agents at Marshall Realty don’t advise our clients on what to do, we just simply ask, what happens if you don’t sell now, are you prepared to ride out another down cycle? If the answer is yes, stay where you are, if the answer is no, call us today at 775-787-7400.