NV Attorney General warns against price gouging

Published: Mar. 11, 2020 at 3:28 PM PDT
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Officials are warning Nevada residents to avoid becoming victims to price gouging as fears grow over Covid-19.

Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford wants to remind Nevadans price gouging violates our consumer protection laws.

"These types of complaints we're reviewing include coordinated increases on prices for goods or services particularly goods and services that are necessary for the health and safety of the public," said Ford.

Ford said scammers rely on fear and scare tactics to gain your trust and steal your money especially when it comes to basic necessities like hand sanitizers or face masks.

According to Consumer Brands Association, 24% of Americans have seen price gouging on high-demand consumer products like hand sanitizer, non-perishable foods, cleaning supplies and bottled or canned beverages.

"Cyber criminals are exploiting the Coronavirus through mass emails and different organizations posing as legitimate professionals," explained Ford. "Providing guidance or assistance like the Center for Disease Control or WHO."

Ford said they are actively pursuing these complaints and is encouraging the public to report any scams or incidents of products marked as unusually high to his office.

"It's my view and my office's view that those who are inflating prices are a public nuisance," said Ford. "Individuals of businesses should not offend public decency and they should further act in a manner that ensures the safety, health, comfort of the public."

Ford makes it clear their main goal is to ultimately take down these deceptive practices and to educate Nevadans on their rights during vulnerable times.

"So we're encouraging Nevadans to exercise caution before donating to any causes for Coronavirus relief and to only look for guidance on Covid 19 from legitimate sources," said Ford.

To file a report, call 702-486-3132.

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