New Reno business offers assisted stretching for better flexibility

Published: Aug. 16, 2022 at 5:04 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Justin Surina is getting a good stretch. He goes to the Stretch Zone in Reno two times a week. He sees it as part of a wellness regime. He works out, he takes care of himself.

But like many of us, work seeps in and he can be at a desk for eight hours.

“It has definitely helped a lot with my range of motion,” says Justin. “I have had a lot of injuries in my lifetime. You know just being able to build back that flexibility. It has certainly provided me with a lot of benefit. Both physically and mentally,” he says.

It is not a physical therapy center. The practitioners are not diagnosticians. Rather, they are specially trained in assisted stretching. The concept is working with the body.

The 30-minute sessions are designed to increase a client’s range of motion--most of the time to places the client cannot reach by themself.

“The idea here is we use three numbers here a 3, 5,7,” says Tyler Stammer, a Stretch Zone Practitioner and General Manager of the Reno center. “Three is a light stretch you are beginning to feel that feeling. Five is mild you are in it, but you can do more. Seven is a deep stretch as far as you can comfortably take it,” he says.

Stammer says clients can range from a 14-year-old baseball player to an 80-year-old who is feeling the twinges of age.

There are Stretch Zones located throughout the country, but this center is the first for Reno. Practitioners receive 40 hours of training and must pass a test. The facility itself is certified by the Board for Therapeutic Message and Bodyworks.

“You are hearing people talking about their wellness,” says Alex Tirion, owner of Stretch Zone Reno. “It is just having a regular set of stretching. It is the type of stretching you can’t do alone at home. I always tell people you can stretch at home. But do you?” he asks.

Clients report feeling relieved after a 30-minute session on the table. That may be because they have an increase in blood flow. With regular sessions, they will find daily activities easier to perform as their muscles will work more efficiently.

Later, they may find they experience less injury.

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