43-year-old dies believing too young to suffer from COVID

Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 6:17 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - “He wasn’t invincible,” said Jennifer Peryam of her former husband Kliff Moiser.

Peryam says even though she and her husband were headed for divorce, they still remained close. She said they had disagreements about the COVID vaccine. She says Kliff definitely had his opinions about who needed the shot and who didn’t.

“He thought it was for those who were sick and wanted to leave the vaccine to those who truly needed it. And he thought he did not,” she said.

That attitude served him well, until it didn’t. On May second of this year, Kliff was diagnosed with COIVD. He entered the hospital on May 4th.

“He wouldn’t answer his phone,” she says of the events leading up to Kliff’s hospitalization. “So, we Facetimed and his youngest; he didn’t even recognize. He didn’t know what was happening. I said I’m calling an ambulance,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer says while in the hospital, he asked the doctors continually for the vaccine.

“Anybody who would listen to him, if it was too late, and they all said yes,” she says of the response Kliff received.

She says initially Kliff would FaceTime with his sons Owen and Brandon out of boredom in the hospital. But within two days, the disease had advanced to the point that Kliff was placed on a ventilator:

“The last thing he texted to me was “I’m scared,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer says on May 7th she made the decision to take Kliff off of life support. The hospital gave stuffed bears to his sons to remember their father.

“Took the bear into their dad,” says Jennifer, “And they had Kliff hug it. And then they took his heartbeat strip from his heart monitor and put it in here, a glass vile. And gave it to the boys. So, whenever the boys are sad or miss him, they can hug him, and have his heart with them,” she says.

She says Kliff believed he was young and less likely to get the disease. Unfortunately, “what if” never came into play--like “what if” he left his sons without a dad.

Owen got his vaccine immediately after it was approved for his age group. Brandon says he’ll get his as soon as 8-year-olds qualify.

Jennifer says she came forward to tell Kliff’s story because of the randomness of COVID.

She says unlike in Kliff’s case, getting a vaccine gives the patient a fighting chance.

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